Creating Christmas Magical Decor

Creating Christmas Magical Decor

Ever walk into a home or store and you feel transported into the world of Christmas Magic? It is that feeling that you have landed in the heart of Christmas land. Disney does this so well. Every year I aspire to create that magic but somehow it often falls short.

When I started my Christmas shop a lot of research went on to discover the secret of creating that magic. I have a friend who worked at Disney for several years,, so I reached out to ask if they knew the secret. I read articles and watched Youtube. What I found out is….


It is all about the lights. So, let’s start with the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree

Your tree should have an abundance of lights. You want most of them the smaller twinkle size but then add in at least two strands of bigger lights. It is having at least two sizes of lights on a tree that draws the eye in and creates the star-like light reflections which we associate with beauty.

  • So put your lights on first. Fill your tree and add in the bigger bulbs.
  • Next, put your ribbons or garland on the tree. Yep, do this next not last. You will get a better feel and arrangement if you do it now.
  • Lastly, is to add on the ornaments. Since your ribbon or garland is in place you know exactly where to add the ornaments. You fill all your gaps.

 You also get the look of an over-decorated tree because you have grouped your ornaments where they all can be seen. It also saves you time by not having to move them because you covered them up with the garland.


Home Décor Indoor

Key:  Abundance

I am not talking about hoarder level clutter but it is ore about groupings and having a full look. Rather than putting your favorite Santa Figurine on a table by itself, you want to create a full grouping. That might look like several figurines with some greenery plus pinecones or ribbons. It should be full and a bit over the top. Adding in a set of tiny twinkle lights gives it the over the top feel. They sell tiny LED lights under $3.00. Very affordable and they add so much to the ambiance.

Another way to do this with less clutter feel is to go monochromatic. IF you set up a display that is themed by color it draws the eye and is very pleasing. You can use different shades of the one color, as long as you stay within that color spectrum you will be good. You could do Purple and go from deep purple to the lightest lavender and everything in between. Here you are creating an abundance of color. Don’t forget the lights. Usually, white lights work the best with monochromatic décor.

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Outside Décor


No surprises here. We all know that what we love the most about driving around town is seeing the Christmas lights. So which homes make you say WOW? It is the ones who go a little crazy and over the top. Some like the nice straight clean lines that frame the house and windows, fence, and so on. Some like the icicle-like hanging lights. Other’s love the look of big bulbs wrapped around the bushes. Then we have all the lit balloons and statues. I love the ones set to music so the lights dance.

When buying lights think bout how you are going to hang them and make sure you are being practical for your situation. I don’t have anyone who can climb and put lights up on my eaves or way up in trees. If I want outdoor lights I stick to my bushes and fence. Our house and lot are set oddly and only one small end shows on the street. The driveway obscures most of that. We usually skip the outdoor lights and go crazy inside.

If you love outdoor lights but can’t do the work anymore or don’t have time, think about hiring some teens to do it for you. They always need extra cash and are usually willing to do this fun activity.

Creating a scene

Another way to create a magical feel is to create a theme or scene. Imagine walking into a home and you feel like you have stepped into an enchanted forest. There are deer, woodland creates, snow, lights, plaid ribbons, a woodland Santa, and on it goes. The tree is decorated in a forest theme. You can do this with any theme. Candyland, Angels, Toys, Santa’s Village, Southwestern, Fiesta, Beach, Flamingo, really the list is almost endless. Be creative and remember to go over the top. Add the lights and keep in mind you are creating the feeling that you have been transported to another world.


Happy decorating. My experience is that when you decorate with what makes you happy your decorations are magical.



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