What if I misspell a name?  Send a message immediately to anna@santaannas.com. In the subject please write HELP. I misspelled a Name. This is will trigger an alert allowing us to move this email to the top of our input box. If the error is found after you recieve the item, please email with the same subject line. We will do what we can to fix the error. You may have to pay for shipping and raw material cost to have an item recreated. Once personalization applied, it is permanent. Gift tags are easily replaced. The Christmas Magical Kit boxes are not.

What advantage is there to a Subscription Kit? The subscription option allows you to set and forget it. You will receive your kit each year the first week of November. Each year's Advent and Elf kits are unique, with no repeat activities guaranteed for 3 years. In the 4th year you may see a repeat activity. The subscription kit for Christmas Magic Boxes comes with new personalized gift tags in the style you have previously chosen. You will also receive updated videos from Santa, a new lost item, refill magic dust, and a new award and letter from Santa after the holiday.

The second advantage is the quarterly billing spreads out the payments equally along with a10% discount.

What if an item arrives damaged? We will replace an damaged item. Our goal is to ensure your items arrive safely, but we know things happen. Upon receipt of a damaged item, please email anna@santaannas.com. In the subject line put HELP Damaged item. This is will trigger an alert allowing us to move this email to the top of our input box.

My order never arrived? Please allow 2 business days after the arrival date for your order to arrive. If it has not arrived check with your neighbors. If it is still missing please contact us so we can track or replace lost items.

Can I return my purchase? All ornaments and stocking stuffers may be returned.  You may return, unopened and complete Advent kits. Elf kits and Christmas Magic Kits are not returnable because of the personalization of the products. If you are dissatisfied with a product, we will offer either a refund or store credit.

How do I cancel my subscription kit?  Email anna@santaannas.com. In the subject line, write Cancel my subscription.