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2020  It hasn't been a normal year and we don't expect it to become one between now and the end of the year. 

So many factors are at play that just can not be overcome fast enough to make this holiday season like last year, or hopefully not like next year. 

  •        Raw Material Shortages
  •        Supply Chain Interruptions
  •        Shipping Delays
  •        Quarantines
  •        Travel Restrictions

These are factors influencing the Holiday 2020 season. What does this mean for you? Planning - Early, Planning - Early.  This is the name of the game. If you do not get the jump on the holidays early and by early I mean October, you may find yourself unable to get the items you need and want in time for Christmas. 

It sounds crazy, but as a businesswoman who is trying to get raw materials to make your Christmas gifts, I have come upon every type of delay. I needed to purchase toy glasses for Santa to lose at your house. Due to COVID factory shutdowns in Asia, these items are not being manufactured. This means I can't offer this option in our kits this year. I found a very suitable replacement that will thrill your children, but we put these show stoppers off until next year. 

You may find that items you count on every year are not available or are available in limited quantities. If you want them you need to order them now.  

Because of the shipping demands of PPE non-PPE items are not prioritized so shipping that took 3-4 weeks last year now takes 8-12 weeks to arrive.  Your favorite stores are scrambling to get holiday stock. What appears abundant on Nov. 1st may actually be their entire holiday stock. Remember the TP shortage? 

Suppliers are predicting a similar situation with holiday toys. We might see last year's leftovers reappearing to fill shelves. 

The cost of shipping has already gone up. USPS, UPS, and FedEx have all raised prices for the holiday season.  Get ready for the Jumanji Holiday Edition.

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