Body Love Over Diet Obsessed Tee, Body Love Shirt, Self Love Shirt, Positivity Shirt, Positive Shirt,

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Loving yourself starts upstairs with the thoughts you feed yourself. You are an amazing person just as you are. There is no need to change to achieve amazingness. Body love over diet obsessed is going to bring you happiness. Once we let go of the obsessing, then following a healthy plan follows naturally. Obsessing over your weight, body image, and more causes stress which increases cortisol in your body which causes the body to store more fat in preparation for the crisis it thinks you're going through. (That was one long run-on sentence) Let it go. Love yourself as you are and the rest will follow.

This soft comfy tee is like wearing a gentle caress. It is available in 4 colors, sizes S-3XL. Larger sizes are available upon request. Just send me a message.