Advent Activities, Elf Antics "High Jinx" Kit

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Imagine the laughter and delight your kids will have when they discover the days silliness of your scout elf. Now imagine having all of the elf antics planned out. No researching, no struggling for new ideas. Delighted children each day when they discover what type of mischief their elf got into overnight. Our Elf Antic box saves you hours of research and planning. No more last-minute flops. You are the ‘Elf” master.


Our High Jinx kit has more complex and messy activities that will delight your kids but take more time to execute and clean up.

  • Calendar with 25 days of activities. (some kiddos are heartbroken on Christmas eve when their elf leaves, so we offer an optional Christmas morning good-bye)
  • Complete instructions on how to execute each activity
  • Complete shopping list (very small for non-perishable items)
  • All supplies and instructions
  • A surprise for the children and mom

 Save money on next year's kit by joining our subscription box. You will get 10% off. Automatically receive your fresh box with new activities in the first week of November. You won't have to worry about advent activities again. By stretching out your payments you have less of a hit to your wallet during the holiday crush.

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