Queen Of The Kitchen Bundle

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Mom is the undisputable Queen of the Kitchen because she loves to cook and spoil her family. This fun gift comes with our Sassy "But Did You Die" embroidered Apron. This came about as my sibling and I would complain about the "weird or gross" things mom made us eat and mom would say "but did you die?" 

Also included is our trendy enamel bowl set. These adorable bowls are a retro-inspired throwback to the 70's mushroom-themed bowls with a more modern theme. The bowls come in 3 sizes 20, 30, and 40 ounces. Each bowl has a clear plastic lid making it perfect to serve and store.  The bowls have a rubber grip on the bottom making them slip-proof. So practical.

  1. 20oz - Spices Give Life Zing
  2. 30oz - Vegetables Make Life Savory
  3. 40oz. - Fruits Sweeten The Heart

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