The Trail Is Calling And I Must Go Hiking Shirt

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The trail whispers in your ear, it is time. The call is irresistible and you just have to get out on the trail! The story of all hikers and backpackers. As soon as the weather is just right that call to hit the trail is screaming in your head, let's go. Take off in this soft, comfy, breathable cotton tee. This roomy design gives you breathing room yet is still so soft, it will not be the piece of clothing giving you blisters. It is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your pack. Backpacking tested up to 50 pounds. NOTE: Please check the size chart. Size is measured across the chest on side of the shirt, it is NOT circumference. Direct to Garment Print clothing may feel stiff over the print or have a slight residue. This is part of the printing process and is normal. It softens within 1-2 washes.