Elf Antics Tips

Welcome Elf Master.

I wanted to share a few tips for you on how to make your elf activities really pop. The secret is to add in details. For example, when you make the Oreo Shrinking machine. Set up your machine. Then place your a bag of flour, sugar and cocoa behind the elf so it appears as if the elf has made the cookies too. Sprinkle some flour and sugar around on the table, because hey he's messy! Put a mini oreo in his lap or on his hands. This creates the entire scene, which only takes an extra couple of minutes and it wows your family.

You can take this principle and carry it out with each activity. The more details you add, the more fun it is for all involved!

To help your elf stay in poses, try to find one that is bendable. If you can't then you can very carefully open a seam on one arm and gently thread a heavy duty floral wire through from one arm to the other, stopping just before the wrists. Then carefully close the seam.  Repeat the process with the legs. This allows you to pose your elf's arms and legs, making him look life like. 

Another addition is to get velcro dots with sticky backing. Place one piece on each hand and then use a flat iron or your regular iron to heat seal the sticky onto his hands. This is helpful when you need the elf to "hang" in place as if he is zip lining or holding something. 

I strongly recommend you pick up a package of glue dots. You can find them at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby and sometimes Walmart. These are the best things out there for holding props in place and for holding your elf in place.  

Add in a few extra props such as balloons, silly string, and your family will be thrilled. Another fun idea is to take an item and leave it trailing. An example, when you wrap the shoes with plastic wrap, leave a trail of wrap going across the room. When you gift wrap the toilet or bathroom door leave wrapping paper tubes and tape out. Better yet, have your elf sitting next to his art completely tangled in ribbon and tape and wrapping paper. 

We wish you all the best and load of fun and silliness.