Skin Care, Blemish Serum
Skin Care, Blemish Serum

Skin Care, Blemish Serum

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Our first new product for Acne in quite a whilea and it was worth the wait.

• Helps clear up blemish and blemishes and allows skin to
• Helps prevent the development of new blemishes
• Penetrates pores to reduce the number of blemishes.
• Helps keep pores clean and clear while soothing the skin.
Features microsilver ingredient to help visibly improve skin
and overall complexion.
• Promotes skin's natural exfoliation process.
Calms and soothes skin.
• Contains ingredients that help combat aging concerns and
help promote a more youthful complexion
• Helos improve apearance o- skin
• Improves overall skin complexion.
Doesn’t dry skin out!

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