Santa's Magical Visit Kit

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Imagine the joy on your child’s face when he sees Santa’s glove and footprints leading to his presents. Creating magical Christmas mornings is a breeze with our "done for you" kit. Each hand-crafted item is designed and personalized to ensure your family knows that Santa cares about them. No worries about being on the naughty list.

  • Beautiful box with your family surname
  • Key to let to Santa in
  • Stencils of Santa’s boots
  • Magic powder
  • Personalized gift tags for each child (mom and dad too if gifts from Santa for adults is your tradition)
  • Objects left behind by Santa (six items to be used one a year)
  • Video personalized for each child from Santa.
  • Letter post-marked the North Pole thanking you for finding the lost item and with instructions on how to get it back.
  • Naughty/Nice list
  • Best Cookie of the Night Award

The Santa Anna difference is our attention to the details and customization. Your child will not only find the evidence of Santa’s visit but Santa personalizes everything so that your child feels he has received special attention from the jolly old fellow.

Whenever possible we use reclaimed wine boxes which are sanded, stained, painted, sealed by hand with great care. You may notice a small imperfection in your box. This is usually where the branded winery name has been sanded or buffed out. If you box lid begins to stick you can rub a small bit of bar soap or wax in the track and it should return to smooth opening and closing.

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